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Born in Glasgow, Scotland and educated at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Texas School of Law, Pete Reid is now an attorney in Austin, Texas. He is currently Chair of the Entertainment and Sports Law Section of the Austin Bar Association

MLS to ATX #7: The Untold Story of 10414 McKalla Place

In December of last year, the City of Austin released a report identifying eight City-owned properties that might be suitable for a professional soccer stadium. In discussing the site at 10414 McKalla Place, the report suggests that the property once had “significant environmental issues’. What the report doesn’t go into is the history of chemical [...]

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MLS to ATX #6: The Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Park and The Austin Swing

When Roy Guerrero Park was first put forward as a possible location for a soccer stadium late last year, it was a surprise to some. It was certainly not on the radar of soccer fans, and some Austinites didn’t even know that the park existed. However, older residents of Austin may remember that this is [...]

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MLS to ATX #5: How Might The University of Texas Influence MLS in Austin?

The most useless comment you will likely hear in this whole MLS discussion is that Austin is the largest metropolitan area in the country without a major league sports team. First of all, it’s wrong. The Riverside-San Bernardino metropolitan area in California is more than double the size of Austin and has no professional team. Secondly, [...]

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MLS to ATX #4: Does Columbus Have Any Legal Basis to Prevent MLS in Austin?

This article will look at whether the State of Ohio or the City of Columbus can take legal action to prevent the Crew ‘relocating’ to Austin. What it wont address is whether there is anything morally or ethically wrong in removing an established soccer club from its home city, in order to start a new [...]

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MLS to ATX #3: Does San Antonio Have Any Legal Basis to Prevent MLS in Austin?

While Austin generally welcomed the MLS to ATX news, the opposite was true in Ohio as, unsurprisingly, the announcement was met with angry protests and threatened legal action, and I’ll look more closely at the legitimacy of the Ohio legal maneuvers in my next post. However, Columbus was not the only city to immediately get [...]

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MLS to ATX #2: The Relocation of the Columbus Crew and the “Austin Clause”

Anthony Precourt, the CEO of Precourt Sports Ventures, LLC (PSV) became the second Investor-Operator in the 18-year history of Columbus Crew SC on July 30, 2013. At the time the MLS website reported that Precourt was “completely committed to keeping the team in Columbus”. What wasn’t reported at the time, was that apparently Precourt had [...]

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MLS to ATX #1: Professional Soccer in Austin – The Recent History

In October 2017, soccer fans in both Austin, Texas and Columbus, Ohio were surprised by the announcement that the majority owner of the Columbus Crew, Anthony Precourt, was exploring the possibility of moving the team to Central Texas. The people of Columbus were surprised because when Precourt purchased the Columbus Crew back in 2013, it [...]

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The verdict is in: Pete Reid Law makes “arguably the greatest lawyer commercial ever”

This summer Pete Reid Law made its first TV commercial. As Pete told Texas Lawyer magazine,  "I've always had the idea to make a lawyer commercial that's a bit different." Filmed over two days in June, the ad has had quite an impact. Pete's original idea was brought to life by Tina Rivera Productions and [...]

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Austin’s Professional Soccer Team – The Austin Aztex

Earlier this month, the Austin Aztex, one of Pete Reid Law's sports law clients, announced the addition of professional soccer to the sports landscape in Austin, Texas. Some current Aztex players also have a cameo in the new commercial for Pete Reid Law! As Austin’s professional soccer team, the Aztex will join an expanded USL PRO League [...]

Athletes and Their Trademark Rights Debated at UT Sports Law Symposium

This month, Pete Reid was invited to be a guest speaker at the 4th annual Sports Law Symposium. The event, hosted by the Texas Review of Entertainment and Sports Law (TRESL), took place on September 13, 2013 at the University of Texas School of Law. With video games like “FIFA 14” and “Madden NFL,” the lifelike [...]

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