This summer Pete Reid Law made its first TV commercial. As Pete told Texas Lawyer magazine,  “I’ve always had the idea to make a lawyer commercial that’s a bit different.” Filmed over two days in June, the ad has had quite an impact.

Pete’s original idea was brought to life by Tina Rivera Productions and sound-tracked by Austin band The Ugly Beats. Within a few hours of the video being posted on YouTube, it had already received thousands of views.

In case you’ve not seen it, here it is:

Within days, the video was featured first by legal blogs and then by news media all over the world.

Leading US law website ‘Above The Law‘ said that “Pete Reid has made an ad for the ages”, London law blog ‘Legal Cheek‘ called it a “YouTube Masterpiece”, and European site ‘Roll on Friday‘ wrote that Pete Reid “has blown the European competition out of the water”.

Fast Company, one of the world’s leading progressive business media brands, then wrote that the video portrayed Pete Reid as:

“basically everything you’d want in an attorney–he’s a savvy problem solver with honesty and integrity, but also toughness and smarts, who cares about people deeply, while also possessing an ability to seemingly be in three places at once.”

Lexis Nexis, a leading global provider of legal information resources blogged that it was “arguably the greatest lawyer commercial ever”, writing that:

“It’s clever, and it’s the antithesis of most lawyer commercials (no brooding attorneys, no balloon-sized dollar signs, no 30 second diatribe on protecting your rights). But it’s also honest because it portrays Pete as something more than a lawyer: he comes across as fun, funny and probably a heck of a good soccer player. I’d bet that he’s not only a great lawyer but a great person too. He’s honest about himself, and that’s somebody I’d like to connect with.”

Within the last few days, the ad was featured on the front page of BuzzFeed to its global audience of 150 million people, where it was listed as one of the ‘Best Lawyer Ads in the History of Television’.  The video was also highlighted on Fox News.

And the reviews keep coming. Prominent Austin design group ‘The Egotist‘ opined that the video “takes legal advertising to new heights”, and Elite Daily, wrote that “Reid’s clearly trying to reel in a younger audience with a flashy commercial and catchy soundtrack. He’s young, he’s cool and he’s getting work done”.

The video has now been featured across the world with articles as far and wide as Australia, New ZealandThe Netherlands, Serbia, and Scotland.

Not bad for our first adventure into the world of lawyer commercials! And thoughts have already turned to the sequel…