Pete Reid Law, PLLC has successfully concluded a multi-state sports litigation matter between a boxer and his former manager over a sports car that was given to the boxer as a signing bonus.

The former manager and the boxer had entered into a management contract, which included a promise that the boxer would receive a new Audi R8 luxury sports car valued at $168,000 as a signing bonus.

Sometime after the vehicle was delivered, the professional relationship between the boxer and manager ended. The former manager subsequently brought a lawsuit against the Brooklyn based boxer in Travis County, Texas alleging that the boxer had wrongfully taken possession of the vehicle, and that the boxer had made false claims to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Drawing from its expertise in sports law and sports litigation, Pete Reid Law, PLLC aggressively defended the case on behalf of the boxer through the assertion of counterclaims and by demanding discovery from the former manager.

Pete Reid Law, PLLC’s strategy ultimately led to an early dismissal of the case and a settlement whereby the boxer became the undisputed owner of the luxury sports car. Moreover the settlement required the Austin-based former manager to pay the boxer more than $16,000 towards the boxer’s attorneys’ fees.