MLS to ATX #14: The #SaveTheCrew Lawsuit Will Rumble On, But It Wont Impact Austin’s MLS Future.

Last week, Judge Jeffrey M. Brown heard oral arguments from both sides on the Ohio lawsuit that is trying to save the Columbus Crew. The attorneys for Major League Soccer (MLS) and Precourt Sports Ventures (PSV) had filed a motion to dismiss the case, predominantly on constitutional grounds, and I was able to watch a [...]

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MLS to ATX #13: Austin City Council Clears Path for MLS in Austin

I was back at City Hall today to witness something many people thought would never happen. The Austin City Council voted 7-4 to approve the terms of a deal that would see a Major League Soccer stadium built at McKalla Place. It’s hard to overstate how momentous today was, not just in terms of soccer in [...]

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MLS to ATX #12: Austin City Council to vote on MLS Resolution this Thursday, Ohio Lawsuit Latest and Statesman Op-Ed

It's currently crunch time in the group stages of the World Cup, and it feels like this week could be similarly decisive for the plan to bring Major League Soccer to Austin. On Thursday, the Austin City Council will meet to vote on whether it should start negotiating with the owners of the Columbus Crew [...]

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Soccer Is About More Than Just Economics, It Can Bring People Together.

This Op-Ed was first published in the Austin American-Statesman on Thursday June 21, 2018. OPINION By Pete Reid - Special to the American-Statesman Recently, many learned opinions have been offered in these pages about the economic impact that a Major League Soccer team might have on Austin. As a sports attorney, and a soccer fan, [...]

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MLS to ATX #11: A Big Early Win For Ohio and Columbus in the ‘Save The Crew’ Lawsuit

Earlier this week, Judge Jeffrey Brown, the judge who is presiding over the Ohio v Precourt / MLS lawsuit in Columbus, issued an 18 page Order addressing several of the pre-trial motions that have been filed in the case. A copy can be read here. His decisions do not make good reading for those who [...]

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MLS to ATX #10: Update on City of Austin Resolution and Ohio Lawsuit to Save the Crew

Since my last article, the MLS to Austin story has continued to develop on two fronts. Here in Austin, the City Council approved a resolution directing the City Manager to complete a "community engagement process" and a detailed analysis of McKalla Place as a possible stadium site. Meanwhile in Ohio, PSV and MLS responded to the lawsuit [...]

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MLS to ATX #9: Ohio and Columbus File Lawsuit Against PSV and MLS. What Does That Mean?

After a couple of months of rumors and speculation on the MLS to Austin front, there has been a recent flurry of news stories that would suggest that we are closer to knowing whether or not Austin will have an MLS team in 2019. Perhaps the most interesting development happened yesterday, when the Ohio Attorney [...]

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MLS to ATX #8: Guerrero Park v McKalla Place – My Solution

This last weekend, I was a guest on ‘The Throw In’, Austin's only soccer radio show, to talk about these articles that I've been writing, and to share my thoughts on MLS to Austin. Much of the recent discussion on the show, and around Austin, has been whether Guerrero Park or McKalla Place would be a better site [...]

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MLS to ATX #7: The Untold Story of 10414 McKalla Place

In December of last year, the City of Austin released a report identifying eight City-owned properties that might be suitable for a professional soccer stadium. In discussing the site at 10414 McKalla Place, the report suggests that the property once had “significant environmental issues’. What the report doesn’t go into is the history of chemical [...]

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MLS to ATX #6: The Roy G. Guerrero Colorado River Park and The Austin Swing

When Roy Guerrero Park was first put forward as a possible location for a soccer stadium late last year, it was a surprise to some. It was certainly not on the radar of soccer fans, and some Austinites didn’t even know that the park existed. However, older residents of Austin may remember that this is [...]

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